Every Sunday…… we have a team of volunteers who provide energetic worship, teaching, and activities for our kids.  
You’ll be welcomed by an engaging and safe environment.  
We are dedicated to seeing children grow in their relationship with God and others.
We relate in a relaxed way. we come as we are.
We don’t act like church in the way you may know it. We think it’s about real people, sharing life together, asking real questions, seeking a real God who loves and cares about us, has a plan and purpose for us, and will someday return to set all things to right.    
A WARM GREETING A heartfelt greeting is part of what makes a church a church. No matter what question you might have just ask. Our greeters are there to help you get settled and comfortable.
HOT COFFEE There’s nothing like the smell of good coffee (or tea) to warm you up.
FUN A casual atmosphere where friendships can form and relationships deepen. A place that is serious about joy, true joy, the kind of joy that comes from real connection with God and others.
FELLOWSHIP Expect to be noticed.  Expect people to say something like, “Welcome! Is there anything I can help you with?” Expect for people to reach out to you in love.
WORSHIP We love music, all kinds of music. From hymns to even the occasional rap we use music to show our Lord how much we love and honor Him.